Shine Coffee Shop is Open!

Firstly, a bit about us

At the very heart of our ethos is the local community. Here at Shine we offer the space and let the community create a network – fostering a strong and cohesive community right here in Turnpike Lane.

How our project developed

We wanted to do more and set about growing our space with the call of good coffee; to have a place where everyone could meet, participate and shine. We wanted to address unemployment rates and social isolation across Haringey. We knew that people who participated at Shine felt better within themselves and part of something bigger. We dreamed of setting up a social enterprise where we could train local people and give them a sense of purpose through volunteering and eventually employment.

Our crowdfund campaign

The dream was realised by a successful crowdfunding campaign where you, the local community, pledged support for this vital space. We were overwhelmed with support from local people, businesses and organisations. Shine was shortlisted by the GLA and at a very official awards ceremony received a grant from the Mayor of London’s office. We were ever closer to the target and a donation by the local council at the 11th hour saw us get over the line.

What we have done

With the crowdfunding support we have improved accessibility within the building and purchased necessary start up equipment. We are pleased to say that with a bit of extra community support we successfully launched the coffee shop on 11th May.

Our trained baristas are ready to serve you some amazing coffee. We have chosen the best bean in town so pop in and see for yourself. And if nothing else by buying local you too can help Haringey shine, and that’s what it’s all about!

Check our Facebook page and Twitter @shineharingey for opening times

Shine at a glance:

  • We offer training and volunteering opportunities for local people
  • We exhibit and sell artwork produced by local residents
  • We host a number of community led groups
  • We offer affordable hire rates for daytime and evening events / classes
  • We welcome everyone to our space


If you are interested in our next batch of training and volunteering please speak to Kevin on 07944664187.

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