‘This Centre is the continuation of HAGA being part of the community … about helping our service-users to move on to rebuild their lives but it’s also about being a community asset and it’s here for the local community to use as well.”

Eric Appleby

After quite a journey (and plenty of dust sheets), the Shine Enterprise Centre opened with a flourish in November 2015. The space on Turnpike Lane has now been completely refurbished to make it fit for purpose as a multi-functional facility.

Over a hundred people attended on the day for the launch of the facility and HAGA’s Annual Public Meeting (APM). David Lammy MP for Tottenham, HAGA’s Honorary President, officially opened the Centre. He was impressed by the plans for Shine and its potential for being an agent of change for both service-users and people in the community. A live artist from Scriberia mapped out the history of the Shine Centre.

“I hope that this building will always be filled to overflowing with creativity, inspiration and prosperity.”

We heard contributions from Eric Appleby, HAGA’s Chair; Gail Priddey, our CEO; and inspirational words from guest speakers, Alison Keating, Head of Alcohol and Drugs Team, Public Health England (London), and Councillor Peter Morton, Cabinet Member for Health and Well-Being, Haringey Council.

We were proud to host a pop-up shop by Studio 306, a local social enterprise working to empower disadvantaged individuals by offering a creative space for those who are recovering from mental illness.  Snacks and mocktails were provided by HAIL.  Visitors could add their snaps to our photo wall, suggest what we should do to tackle alcohol misuse and vote to identify the key actions for the year ahead.

A massive thank you to all those involved with helping out on the day.  We’re so glad to get this place up and running.  The challenge ahead is to converting the space’s potential into viable projects that will impact on people’s lives.  Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get all the latest news and event information.

Desk space, Shine, HAGA, Haringey London

“Into that comes a beacon of hope, into that comes Shine.  Actually the business of being able to find a safe space where you can be, where you’re not left floundering on your own and you’ve got a bit of support; the confidence that people need to go out on their own, try something new, exploit an idea, that is hugely important.  It’s fantastic that there is shopfront space being used here.  I’ve known Turnpike Lane all my life, been up and down here – this is a great location.  And I’m excited by the idea.”

David Lammy MP for Tottenham

Desk space, Shine, HAGA, Haringey London